Rights and obligations

Monetary reward

Successfully implemented proposals will be rewarded by a fixed payment. This payment is assigned by the Library Selection Committee, and is based on the scientific and technical maturity of your proposal. The reward would be paid following the production of at least 50 compounds based on your proposal. The EU Lead Factory currently strongly prioritises the most highly developed, e.g. fully validated library proposals.

Your obligations

When you sign the Form of Accession as a Chemistry Contributing Third Party, you grant to the Consortium Partners, exclusive and royalty‐free access rights to all compounds generated on the basis of your proposal. This includes the right to synthesise and test additional compounds not initially included in the Joint European Compound Library after the generation of a QHL.

You retain legal ownership of your concept, and the right to synthesise and use non-identical, additional compounds based on your proposal for research purposes or direct exploitation outside the project.

To avoid potential conflict of interests with activities of the EU Lead Factory, you will have to submit any future publication that relates to your accepted proposal to the defined Publication Approval Process. Review and possible IP protection measures may delay submission for publication by a maximum of 45 plus 90 days, respectively.

More information

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Only the official and formally signed contractual documents in relation to the IMI-EUC2LID Project (the Project Agreement, Grant Agreement, the Description of Work, the Access Agreement for your Compound Design Proposal and Target Programme Proposal and the Form of Accession for Chemistry Contributing Third Party OR the Form of Accession for Target Contributing Third Party) have a binding value in relation to the subject matter covered in the pages of this website. 
Any information contained in the pages of this website is not binding upon the parties and can in no event be used to interpret or complement the formally signed contractual documents referred to above.