The web-based submission process is designed to be rapid, transparent and rewarding:

  1. Register yourself at the web-based submission tool.
  2. Create your library proposal, either by defining a scaffold and possible combinations of R-groups or by uploading a file (most likely, an SD file) that defines the whole library.
  3. You will receive valuable feedback that allows you to decide whether to submit your proposal, or whether the European Lead Factory would encourage further refinement.
  4. Submit your proposal to the web-based submission tool.
  5. Your proposal will be assessed against six criteria  by the Library Selection Committee, a group of eight experienced synthetic and medicinal chemists of the European Lead Factory all bound by confidentiality.
  6. After their review, you will receive the final outcome and additional feedback, if any.
  7. After signing the Form of Accession, you will be established as a ‘Contributing Third Party’, and approved proposals will become Public Chemistry Programmes. Synthesis and possible refinements will then be performed by the Public Chemistry Consortium. The resulting compounds will become part of the Joint European Compound Library  (JECL).
  8. In case your proposal leads to the production of at least 50 compounds for addition into the JECL, you will be informed and get a monetary incentive .

Learn how to submit your scaffold via the EU Lead Factory submission tool.


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