Seeding tomorrow’s priority medicines

14 February 2019

The European Lead Factory has successfully accelerated the process of drug discovery. A recently published public summary of results so far clearly shows the benefits of collaborative drug discovery in the European arena.

The European Lead Factory presented its executive summary of the report prepared over the 2013-2018 period for its funding organization, the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) Joint Undertaking. The public executive summary shows the consortium’s achievements so far. Supported by the IMI, The European Lead Factory was established with a 5-year budget of 196 million euros to create a shared asset for open innovation. Seven large pharmaceutical companies pooled their compound collections and opened them up to academia and small- and medium-sized enterprises searching for drug discovery starting points. Now, the consortium presents its results so far.

Since its establishment, the European Lead Factory has composed a library of over 500,000 compounds that can be screened for drug discovery starting points. 200,000 of these compounds were designed and synthesized in its own synthesis programme. 88 disease targets were crowdsourced from the scientific community and, together with industry projects, delivered close to 200 qualified or even improved hit lists as starting points for new drug discovery programmes. So far, work of the consortium has already led to five patents, two partnering deals, and close to 90 peer-reviewed scientific publications. These results to date confirm the success of the European Lead Factory in its aim to accelerate the process of drug discovery.

The European Lead Factory has pioneered a model of collaborative drug discovery. This model has already delivered substantial results and holds considerable further potential. Not only does it form a blueprint for new public-private partnerships. It is also a successful collaboration that is ready to continue leading the way to new medicines for unmet medical needs.

Read the full executive summary here.