Learnings & Achievement Meeting 2017

Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Beerse, Belgium, November 6th - 7th 2017

Call for scientists to apply for participation

The European Lead Factory annually invites talented early career chemists studying or working in Europe to tap into the knowledge gained within the largest drug discovery project under the Innovative Medicines Initiative. The event offers opportunities to exchange knowledge gained from their personal research as well as showcases scientific output from the work performed on projects within the EU Lead Factory. It presents a unique opportunity to discuss chemistry and expand your network. 

This year’s event - open to young researcher from all over the European Union - will focus on “Hit-to-Lead”. We again invite up to 20 external early career researchers (PhDs and postdocs) to join the 2-day conference in Beerse. 

Take the opportunity and contribute to science by participating in the EU Lead Factory Learning and Achievement Meeting. Here are your direct advantages:

  • Free participation (incl. reimbursement of travel costs up to € 250, accommodation and access to the social get-together at the conference)
  • An opportunity to present your research as a poster and flash presentation
  • Training in Hit-to-Lead development, relevant to the pharmaceutical industry
  • Networking opportunities with scientists in the pharmaceutical industry, chemistry SMEs and academia
  • Opportunity to be considered for an Early Career Researcher Award

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