ChemPass receives the highest monetary award from the European Lead Factory

19 June 2017

Any European researcher can submit a design proposal of a chemical library that can be synthesised by the European Lead Factory and can subsequently be incorporated in the Joint European Compound Library (JECL). The project Library Design Committee rates the designs on six scientific criteria and determines the technical maturity level of the proposals. Budapest-based ChemPass ltd rose to the challenge and recently received the highest monetary award of 5.000 Euros for their library design proposal.

ChemPass ltd develops state-of-the-art software for library design. The software can devise 3- and 4- step synthetic routes to innovative chemical scaffolds and libraries with full description of the reactions and estimated costs. To validate their software, they submitted some library designs to the European Lead Factory (ELF). The first accepted one, based on a fully saturated bicyclic scaffold, has now been translated into a compound library by Mercachem (CRO and EU Lead Factory partner), resulting in so far >90 compounds that have been added to the JECL. 

It’s a splendid example of how collaboration and sharing knowledge and expertise stimulates creativity in organic chemistry serving drug discovery. Greg Makara, Founder & CEO of ChemPass Ltd said: ‘The whole crowdsourcing idea is great. With a reasonable amount of effort, you can get great outcomes’. The open character of the European Lead Factory gives researchers who are not partners of ELF the opportunity to propose their design. This stimulates innovation and diversity. ‘External library designers inject further novelty and diversity in JECL’ said Jorg Benningshof, Director Parallel Chemistry Mercachem, who has overseen the synthesis and production of the JECL compounds based on the ChemPass library design.