>100 public qualified hits

29 June 2017

Every year since 2015, around 50,000 public compounds, designed and synthesized by the European Lead Factory chemistry partners, have been added to the ELF screening collection the Joint European Compound Library.

With the increasing number of public compounds in the screening collection the number of hits is steadily growing. Typically, these hits are highly selective and provide excellent starting points for further optimization in the subsequent hit-to-lead process thanks to their original chemical design. The ELF chemistry partners are proud to share the fact that already 130 so-called qualified hits have been selected ,and granted programme owners are working on medically important targets originating from this public collection. 'We hope to see these and even more compounds being transformed into new medicines against relevant human diseases and thereby giving access to uncharted treatments especially in disease areas with a high medical need.' Dimitrios Tzalis, ELF Head of Chemistry, said.

The Joint European Compound Library has grown with around150,000 unprecedented compounds from 2013 to the beginning of 2017, thanks to the efforts of the ELF chemistry partners. The public compounds have so far been subjected to 55 biological high-throughput screens. In 26 of them, public compounds have qualified as hits against innovative and challenging drug targets of all types. The natural product-inspired designs, the high 3D character and the uniqueness of the compounds prove to be a valuable investment of EU taxpayers' money.