Over 1,000 library proposals submitted to ELF

15 March 2017

The European Lead Factory recently reached the milestone of having received over 1,000 library proposals for consideration.  These proposals have been considered by its Library Selection Committee, leading to the approval of 627 library designs for synthetic validation.

To date, 143,529 novel compounds, out of the 200,000 prospected compounds for the Public Compound Collection, have been synthesized, which means that the ELF compound collection grows daily by approximately 250 novel compounds to eventually constitute the 500,000 Joint European Compound Library (JECL). The Public Compound Collection is highly distinctive from existing collections, has yielded active hits against several classes of disease-related biological targets, and shows high biological specificity.

The exacting criteria of the library design selection and unique chemical space that  covers has been described in an article in Drug Discovery Today and the important role of this unique library and the European Lead Factory project in early drug discovery research highlighted in Frontiers in Medicine.