Sharing compounds in the Sharing Economy

16 December 2016

The latest issue of BioCentury Innovations focuses on open innovation within early drug discovery and compound sharing, with the European Lead Factory as one of the best practices, with the largest compound library openly available. More and more pharmaceutical companies open their compound libraries in collaboration with the external community and/or other companies. 

The power of collective knowledge will lead to better hits for drug development. There are different models for sharing compounds, such as handing over a small number of libraries to academic researchers, swapping between two companies, or, like the European Lead Factory, pooling compounds from several companies with central coordination. Stefan Jaroch, Head External Innovation Technologies at the Pharmaceuticals Division of Bayer AG explains: 'For Bayer, the math is simple. We bring in 50,000 compounds, and have the opportunity to screen, at the end of the day 500,000 compounds. I think there’s certain leverage in that.'

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