ELF sets screening record

11 December 2017

During the lifetime of the European Lead Factory (ELF), both the number of screens performed per year and the size of the Joint European Compound Library have increased steadily. 

In 2017, ELF set a record by performing 21 high troughput screening (HTS) campaigns on a library with approximately 450,000 compounds. All the HTS campaigns were executed in the smallest possible 1536 well-plate scale. Together with follow-up activities, like testing in confirmation, deselection and orthogonal assays, a mind-blowing 10 million data points have been generated in 2017.

These large numbers are comparable to the HTS production of big pharmaceutical companies, showing that ELF has succeeded in providing access to a large industrial screening platform.

‘The ELF target programme portfolio is extremely diverse. At the end of this year, all the hard work in assay development and miniaturisation has panned out and we have been able to complete 72 screens in total for ELF.’ said Dr Helma Rutjes, COO Pivot Park Screening Centre.