Results 2013-2018

As of 26 June 2018


  • A partnering deal has been realized between ScandiCure AB, a spin-out founded on the results of an ELF target programme, and Servier, an international pharmaceutical company. ScandiCure is developed with the support and investment of GU Ventures, which is wholly owned by the Swedish State.

  • University of Sheffield and Parkinson’s UK have started a joint virtual biotech, Keapstone Therapeutics, to further develop ELF target programme results. Parkinson’s UK has allocated 1.3 M£ million GBP (1.5 M€) to this programme. 
  • Patents on ELF compounds for treatment of multi-resistant bacteria infections, pain and cancer.
  • An ELF antibiotic programme is funded by IMI’s ENABLE for preclinical development.

  • In vivo proof-of-concept generated with ELF compounds.
  • PhD theses enhanced with ELF target programme assay development and screening results.
  • ~80 scientific, peer-reviewed articles.
  • >500,000 compounds in the Joint European Compound Library (JECL), whereof >200,000 novel screening compounds from ELF’s own synthesis programme. 330,000 compounds were selected and assembled from the EFPIA participants’ proprietary compound within the first 6 months of operation giving the screening operations a flying start.
  • Many testimonials of the high quality of the ELF output and the JECL compounds. For example, 29/86 EFPIA partner screens have triggered further experimental work, and at least 3 have moved into lead optimisation phase. 
  • 88 public target programmes accepted, resulting in 72 hit lists and 109 associated data reports handed over to the target owners.
  • In total, 5649 qualified hits have been granted public and private target owners (2406 and 3243, respectively).
  • >3000 bespoke compounds synthesised in hit validation and hit-to-lead phase of public target programmes.
  • >40 crystal structures of target–compound complexes have been solved.
  • >280 bespoke assays have been developed in order to extract the most interesting hits for public programmes.
  • 21/27 of the public target programmes offered to the industry partners have been invited to provide a dossier for further assessment.
  • >100 academic postdoctoral fellows trained in industry methods and approaches.
  • Researchers in 15 countries (AT, BE, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, IT, IL, HU, NL, PL, PT, SE, UK) involved. Partners spread over 8 countries and target owners over 13.
  • 2 Custom-built data management platforms, the Honest Data Broker system developed to enable screening data management and triaging, whilst ensuring confidentiality and patentability; TarosGate2, a chemistry workflow management system with a secure built-in electronic laboratory notebook.