ELF highlighted in IMI publication on 10 years of public private partnerships

29 January 2020

A recent article, authored by Hugh Laverty and Pierre Meulien from the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and featured in Frontiers in Medicine, highlights the importance of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in health.

The publication discusses several important initiatives, including the European Lead Factory (ELF), and stresses the valuable role PPPs such as ELF play in furthering drug discovery research. 

The paper notes how ELF provides researchers with unprecedented access to compound collections and high throughput screening technology, and that through forging successful collaborative relationships between large pharmaceutical companies, SMEs and academia, great improvements have been made in the field of drug development.

“Through this unique platform, 88 new target public programmes have been validated and screened, while nearly 6,000 qualified hits have been granted to public and private target owners, meaning that many researchers now have a valuable first step toward setting up their own new drug discovery programmes.” 

The article, which marks IMI’s 10 years of existence, can be found here.