ELF highlighted as part of IMI’s 12-year anniversary celebrations

06 May 2020

In April, the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) marked its 12th anniversary. To celebrate, it highlighted some of its early projects, one of which was the European Lead Factory (ELF). In several tweets and a special feature in the 100th edition of its newsletter, IMI reflected on the real-world impacts of the ELF project.

A shared platform for collaborative drug discovery

Launched in 2013 and originally running for five years, the ELF project has come a long way and is now Europe’s largest collaborative drug discovery platform. ELF’s library of over 500,000 high-quality compounds has provided European researchers from academia, SMEs and large pharma companies with screening opportunities that otherwise would not have been possible. As such, the project has helped to accelerate and enhance drug development for a range of therapeutic areas, “making the approval and release of novel treatments more likely,” as stated by IMI.

New and strengthened partnerships

The project has also contributed to European competitiveness in the medical research arena, resulting in the creation of two new start-ups: Keapstone Therapeutics and ScandiCure. Born from the collaboration of partners under the ELF project, these new companies have had a real-world impact, creating new jobs and boosting drug discovery output.

Ongoing development

Building on these achievements, the new ESCulab project (running under the ELF brand) sees screening opportunities remain open to European researchers free-of-charge. The project supports the continued advancement of medical research in Europe, enhancing and accelerating drug development, and creating innumerable benefits (both scientific and socio-economic) for researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and investors alike. This ongoing collaboration is furthering drug discovery in all disease areas, helping to meet the unmet medical needs of patients the world over.

To read the IMI feature on ELF’s legacy to date, follow this link.