Hit discovery in the European Lead Factory: output and experiences of assay development and high throughput screening

24 August 2020

In a paper recently published in the SLAS Discovery Journal of Biomolecular Screening, European Lead Factory (ELF) scientists from the Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC), shared their experiences working on the assay development and ultra-High Throughput Screening (u-HTS) of crowed-sourced drug targets during the first phase of ELF (2013-2018).

With a primary focus on the activities of PPSC, the perspective piece reflects on the lessons learnt during the assay development and u-HTS operations and the contributions of PPSC to ELF. It gives a detailed overview of the consortium and the results of the first phase, noting that between 2013 and 2018, 154 proposals in seven therapeutic areas were submitted to ELF with a total of 72 u-HTS campaigns completed.

While the full impact of ELF is yet to be seen, the hit lists that were delivered during this first 5.5-year phase have produced a host of tangible results including lead compounds, candidate drugs, peer-reviewed publications, patents, new start-up companies, PhD theses, and more.

For an in-depth look into the work of PPSC and the overall experience of screening such a large portfolio of drug targets within the ELF Consortium, read the paper online here

You can also listen to a recording of a recent PPSC webinar on hit finding for crowd-sourced disease targets within ELF, presented by Dr. Saman Honarnejad.