New study elucidates role of tryptophan-metabolizing enzymes in cancer immunotherapy

28 January 2021

In a new article, published in Frontiers in Immunology, researchers from the Netherlands Translational Research Center B.V. (NTRC), explain the role of the enzyme IDO1 in models of cancer immunotherapy.

The study is based on the small molecule IDO1-inhibitor NTRC 3883-0, a compound derived from a hit identified in a screen performed by the European Lead Factory.

NTRC was the first SME to receive a Qualified Hit List from the European Lead Factory back in 2015, helping to identify a series of potent, selective and orally bioavailable IDO1 inhibitors.

NTRC 3883-0 has a chemical structure distinct from previously described IDO1 inhibitors and was profiled alongside the investigational cancer drug epacadostat, in biochemical and cell-based assays.

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