More than 100 Million data points generated

24 October 2016

European Lead Factory generates data from high throughput screening and detailed mechanistic studies at sites across Europe and these are deposited in a central database for analysis. 

Recently, the number of data points deposited passed the staggering number of 100,000,000. In this way, EU Lead Factory enables individual researchers and biotechs to profit from large-scale, multi-partner infrastructure without compromising the confidentiality of their own research.

The data points relate to the screening and triaging data of the 125 targets that have been screened so far at the European Screening Centre and at the seven industry partners. The targets represent a diverse set of target classes with multiple representatives in many classes. The result is a large database of structure-activity information. To make sense of this volume of data, EU Lead Factory developed a unique project management and data analysis application; the Honest Data Broker (HDB). The HDB triage system can use all the data to give immediate feedback about selectivity profiles early in the screening process. Consequently, potential off-target effects can be identified and investigated further at an earlier stage. It also allows for rapid identification of promiscuous compounds, enabling these to be deprioritised.

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