Announcement of Early Career researcher event winners

24 October 2016

The European Lead Factory congratulates 18 early career researchers who have been selected to participate at the Annual Chemistry Learning & Achievements meeting hosting the Early Career Researcher Workshop in Lisbon, Portugal, 3-4 November 2016!

Sònia Abás Prades, Masakazu Atobe, Hassen Bel Abed, Claudia De Fusco, Laura Denman, Jessica Hall, Denisa Hidasová, Urszula Komarnicka, Josep Mas Rosello, Ciro Milite, Brendan Monks, Giacomo Padroni, Andrejs Pelss, Andrea Renzetti, Angeliki Roumana, Lisa Schneider, Monica Viviano, Akina Yoshizawa submitted library design ideas of such innovation and quality they were awarded bursaries to participate at the event. Raising the stakes, they will have a chance to further increase their glory, as they vie for the Early Career Researcher Award for the best flash poster presentation.

Adam Nelson, Professor at University of Leeds and Chair of the European Lead Factory Library Design Selection Committee: “I am really looking forward to hearing about the exciting chemistry that will be presented by the Early Career researcher event winners. The event will give them an opportunity to understand how innovative chemistry may be translated into screening libraries; and to network with researchers from pharma, SMEs and academia.“