European Lead Factory has commenced a drug screening campaign for one of Effecta Pharma’s Dengue viral targets

27 January 2016

"We are excited we can continue our initial collaboration with the EU Lead Factory and its European Screening Centre researchers in Oss, Oxford and  Newhouse, which has yielded a screenable assay for one of the critical Dengue virus proteins. Having the EU Lead Factory as part of our concerted effort to generate preclinical candidates for Dengue  is welcome support for Effecta and the patients suffering from this disease”, Effecta’s Directors Helmuth van Es and Paul Edwards said.

Dengue fever is caused by a virus and transmitted by certain mosquitoes. Cases are on the rise worldwide, as the disease-bearing mosquitoes spread through globalisation. Furthermore, one mosquito species capable of spreading the virus is now spreading into cooler regions, including Europe. Moreover, as dengue is closely related to the Zika virus, the researchers are hopeful that the results of their dengue programme could prove useful in the fight against Zika.

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(updated 15-03-2016)