Patent filed for European Lead Factory compounds

09 December 2015

Within 3 years after the launch of the European Lead Factory, the first patent protecting the outcomes of a drug target programme has been filed. The patent addresses multidrug resistance in bacterial infections. This important milestone reflects the EU Lead Factory’s ability to deliver on its promise, and highlights the potential of this shared-innovation approach to drug discovery.

The drug target programme was submitted to the EU Lead Factory for high-throughput screening by Professor Christopher Schofield and co-workers from the University of Oxford: “We had identified what we believed was a good target, but we did not have the resources to run high-throughput screening. That’s when we became aware of the EU Lead Factory. Jurgen Brem from our laboratory worked productively with the EU Lead Factory team to optimise a suitable assay.” 

The EU Lead Factory, supported by IMI, combines a high-throughput screening centre and a high-quality compound library. The screen against Schofield’s drug target identified an array of promising compounds that were subsequently optimised. The patent that was filed protects these compounds in combination with the biological effect.

Schofield: “Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the progress, from assay optimisation to post-hit validation, and the synthesis of follow up compounds/medicinal chemistry expertise.  The EU Lead Factory really offers a collaborative effort rather than a service, with an exemplary level of commitment and professionalism from the EU Lead Factory scientists on the different sites.”