European Lead Factory at Basel Life Science Week

28 September 2015

Last week, Basel was the scientific hub for 3,000 scientists in the field of drug discovery. The Basel Life Science Week provided an opportunity not to be missed by the European Lead Factory. 

Representatives from the EU Lead Factory Programme Office and two partners staffed a booth at the MipTec exposition, and presented the EU Lead Factory during the scientific programme “Shared innovation in Drug Discovery” on September 22nd. Both the booth and the presentation attracted many scientists interested in collaborating with the EU Lead Factory.

Are you also interested, but did you miss the opportunity to visit us at the Basel Life Science Week? Meet our experts at the BIO-Europe partnering event in Munich, Germany on November 2-4 or the BioFIT partnering eventin Strasbourg, France on December 1st 2015.

The EU Lead Factory had a booth at the MipTec exposition.


During the EU Lead Factory symposium, Jon de Vlieger (EU Lead Factory Programme Office) presented an overview of the concept and possibilities.


Questions from the audience were answered in an interactive session with a panel of experts from the European Lead Factory. Helma Rutjes (Pivot Park Screening Centre) discussed the screening assay requirements, and Margit Mahlapuu (Gothenburg University) shared her experiences as a programme owner.