Two new publications on library generation

25 September 2015

Partners of the European Lead Factory have published two articles highlighting the complexity of generating a competitive, diverse compound collection of high quality drug-like compounds.

The paper by Karawajcek et al. in Drug Discovery Today describes the EU Lead Factory’s selection criteria for novel compound libraries and presents an analysis of the high quality of compounds already generated within the chemistry consortium.

The publication of Tuomo Kalliokoski in ACS Combinatorial Science  looks at the challenges in generating chemically diverse libraries with distinctive 3-dimensional properties from a defined selection of reagent classes.

These publications illustrate that careful considerations for library design within the EU Lead Factory offer the chance to access truly novel chemical space.

The European Lead Factory welcomes researchers to submit their novel or published library designs. We will translate your ideas into lead molecules that will be screened against relevant drug targets. Your idea may lead to a successful drug for malaria, Alzheimers’, breast cancer or any other!