EU Lead Factory discussed in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry issue

01 June 2015

The journal ‘Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry‘ has published a special issue on emerging approaches for the design and synthesis of small molecule libraries. Including 13 EU Lead Factory manuscripts, the European Lead Factory is strongly represented, demonstrating its high innovative character. All articles are available as open access publications.

The manuscripts demonstrate how the EU Lead Factory public compound collection covers uncharted chemical space enabling new approaches in high throughput biochemical screening. The emerging chemical scaffolds are not commercially available, and are not represented within the subset of the Join European Compound Library (JECL) contributed by EFPIA companies. As such, they represent innovative chemical motifs that are well suited for hit identification programmes.

The special issue reflects that the EU Lead Factory has set up an efficient pipeline for the design, validation and production of highly distinctive screening compounds.  This involves web-based submission of library proposals; assessment of the proposals by a committee with broad and complementary expertise; experimental validation of the proposed chemistry; and design and production of libraries based on validated chemistry.

The cover of the issue is jointly designed by Esther Vicente-Garcia, Veronica Estevez-Closas (VU Amsterdam) and Ruth Wong (TI Pharma).

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