Seeding the priority medicines of the future

From the start, the European Lead Factory has been recruiting high quality programmes from all over Europe. Over the past five years, the thorough recruitment and selection process has led to a balanced portfolio of innovative disease targets that have been screened against the unique compound library (JECL).

The crowdsourced portfolio currently contains >80 drug discovery programmes distributed among all relevant therapeutic areas. As this portfolio matures, the results are starting to be disseminated to the wider public. The first follow-up investments have been publicly announced, patents have been granted to Programme Owners and collaborations are initiated to further progress the results. The success of the ELF approach has been widely acknowledged and the output has shown to be of high quality, worth following up and investment-ready. 

The EU Lead Factory has selected target programmes continuously over the past years. As a consequence, only a handful of programmes have progressed to the stage where results can be disclosed. The major impact of the portfolio and opportunities for investment and translating the ELF results towards the clinic are to be expected in the upcoming years.