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European Lead Factory

Latest news

24 October 2018

EU Lead Factory wins Best IMI Communication Product Award

Yesterday the European Lead Factory animation won the best Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) Communication...

24 September 2018

Keapstone Therapeutics secures further €1,1 million investment from Parkinson’s UK


26 July 2018

The European Lead Factory contributing to the fight against Alzheimer's

The key goal of ELF is to create validated hit series. Another successful ELF programme aimed at identifying small...


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07 June 2018

Diastereoselective Synthesis of Highly Substituted, Amino‐and Pyrrolidino‐Tetrahydrofurans as Lead‐Like Molecular Scaffolds 

09 May 2018

Translation of innovative chemistry into screening libraries: an exemplar partnership from the European Lead Factory

European Lead Factory

Hitting the targets

The video report from the European
Lead Factory (ELF) Stakeholder
Meeting, 25-26 April, 2017 with an exciting agenda focussing on four
years of successful collaboration, the impact of the European Lead Factory
and the future of drug discovery. 
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22 October 2018

IMI 10th anniversary Scientific Symposium

02 October 2018

5th Annual Drug Discovery USA Congress

17 September 2018

Medicinal Chemistry Summit: USA


Reuven Stein, PhD & Micha Fridman, PhD

Professors, University of Tel Aviv

Kamil Sitarz, PhD

Director of R&D Biology, Selvita

Fabrice Paublant, MBA

CEO, Cellipse