Oxford paper highlights JECL as good example of open science

10 January 2018

The EU Lead Factory screening collection is assembled by and for both industry and public parties. This alternative innovation model is what the authors envision for the future.

A policy paper, ‘A New Pharmaceutical Commons: Transforming Drug Discovery’, published by the Oxford Martin School, calls for open science approaches for drug discovery to address the challenges of the growing demand for safer and more effective therapies in a time of global ageing and expanding populations. They claim that sharing of pharmaceutical tools and data plays an important role. In this context, ELF’s Joint European Compound Library is highlighted as a good example of open science and how significant change and innovation in pharmaceutical research and development can work in practice.

Based on work conducted at the European Lead Factory, researchers at the University of Oxford were able to file a patent application for a novel series of chemical structures with the potential to assist in reversing antibiotic multidrug resistance.