European Lead Factory webinar: How to optimise your assay for High Throughput Screening

16 December 2020

Have you identified a disease mechanism that should be explored in a drug discovery project? Then you may have also considered developing a screening assay to find new chemical starting points that could serve as candidates for drug development.

Unbiased hit finding through High Throughput Screening (HTS) of small-molecule compound libraries is one of the core approaches for starting a successful drug discovery project. Besides the quality of the compound library, the success of HTS campaigns is also largely dependent on several other factors, such as the quality of the primary assay and the post-screen hit triage strategy.

In the next European Lead Factory webinar, taking place on Thursday 28 January, Dr Saman Honarnejad, Director of Drug Discovery at Pivot Park Screening Centre, will give a presentation on guidelines for HTS assay development, with an emphasis on methods to design, evaluate and improve conditions for biochemical and cellular assay formats.

By participating in this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Target-centric biochemical and cellular assays
  • Different types of assay readout technologies and their applications
  • Different types of primary assay technologies and the importance of follow-up assays such as deselection (counter-screen), orthogonal and selectivity assays
  • Methods to determine and monitor assay window, dynamic range, and robustness during optimisation
  • Typical assay buffer composition choices
  • How to assess and improve assay linearity, kinetics, stability, incubation times, etc.
  • The use of chemical and biological positive controls to validate HTS assays
  • Inter-/intra- plate variation and how to minimise them

The webinar forms part of a series of ELF online meetings held once a month to learn, share, and stay connected during these times of suspended in-person meetings. Attendees will also hear how to collaborate with the European Lead Factory to give their drug discovery programmes a major boost.

The event will take place via Microsoft Teams on 28 January 2021 from 11:00-12:00 (CET). Discussions with the audience will form a key part of the webinar and time will be made available for questions and answers.

We look forward to connecting with you online. Registration is free via this link.