The European Lead Factory has achieved significant milestones for 2015

16 December 2015

400,000 novel drug-like compounds are now compiled in the Joint European Compound Library (JECL); and 60 drug targets have been selected for screening.

The collection JECL comprises 320,000 research compounds provided by the pharmaceutical industry and 80,000 innovative compounds synthesised in a joint effort by academic partners and chemistry SMEs. Exciting new chemistries are being created daily and are now being screened against potential drug targets. The European Lead Factory is on the right track to achieve its final goal to set-up a compound collection of 500,000 compounds by the end of 2017. All European researchers can apply to get access to these high-quality molecules at no upfront costs, submitting their potential drug target and associated screening assay.

Researchers with drug target programmes can not only benefit from JECL, but also from a modern HTS infrastructure and the extensive expertise at the European Screening Centre.  Already more than 500 hit compounds have been handed over to European academics and SMEs to kick-start their drug discovery programmes. The rapidly increasing interest in the industry-standard drug discovery platform is reflected by more than 100 applications received so far. To this date 60 programmes have been accepted, more than 30 have been screened and >20 receiving a Qualified Hit List Report underpin the success story of the EU Lead Factory.

To give your target a better chance of success and move from assay development to lead optimisation more quickly, contact the Programme Office or go to 'How to submit'.