as of 11 April 2018


  • A partnering deal has been broken between ScandiCure AB, a spin-out founded on the results of an EU Lead Factory target programme, and Servier, a French established pharmaceutical company. ScandiCure is developed with the support and investment of GU Ventures, which is wholly owned by the Swedish State.

  • University of Sheffield and Parkinson’s UK have started a joint virtual biotech, Keapstone Therapeutics, to further develop ELF target programme results. Parkinson’s UK has allocated 1 million GBP (1.2 million EUR) to this programme. 
  • Patents on EU Lead Factory compounds for treatment of multi-resistant bacteria infections and various cancers.
  • An EU Lead Factory programme is funded by IMI’s ENABLE for preclinical development.
  • In vivo proof-of-concept generated with EU Lead Factory compounds.
  • 3 PhD theses enhanced with EU Lead Factory target programme assay development and screening results.
  • >60 scientific, peer-reviewed articles
  • >500,000 compounds in the Joint European Compound Library (JECL), whereof >195,000 of the prospected 200,000 novel screening compounds have been synthesised. 330,000 compounds were selected and assembled from the EFPIA participants’ proprietary compound collections the first 6 months of operation giving the screening operations a flying start.
  • Many testimonials of the high quality of the EU Lead Factory output and the JECL compounds. For example, 26/67 EFPIA partner screens have triggered further work.
  • 88 public target programmes accepted, 72 high throughput screens finished and 83 hit lists with associated data reports handed over to the target owners.
  • In total, 5086 qualified hits have been granted public and private target owners (1998 and 3088 respectively).
  • >2,500 bespoke compounds synthesised in hit validation and hit-to-lead phase of public target programmes.
  • >40 crystal structures of target–compound complexes have been solved.
  • >250 bespoke assays have been developed in order to extract the most interesting hits for public programmes.
  • 20/27 of the public target programmes offered to the industry EFPIA participants have been asked to provide a dossier for further assessment.
  • >100 academic postdoctoral fellows trained in industry methods and approaches.
  • Researchers in 15 countries (BE, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, IT, IL, HU, NL, PL, PT, SE, UK) involved. Partners spread over 8 countries and target owners over 13.
  • 2 Custom-built data management platforms, the Honest Data Broker system developed to enable screening data management and triaging, whilst ensuring confidentiality and patentability; TarosGate2, a chemistry workflow management system with a secure built-in electronic laboratory notebook.