The European Lead Factory supports Mental Health Awareness Day

09 October 2020

Saturday, 10 October is World Mental Health Awareness Day. As a project involved in advancing drug candidates to address mental health disorders and other diseases, the European Lead Factory (ELF) supports World Mental Health Awareness Day. At the ELF, there are several initiatives running that could ultimately contribute to better treatments of mental health conditions.

Recent developments include highlighting three programmes in the field of CNS & Neurology that are currently available for partnering, more of which can be read about here. We are also pleased to share the news of a study conducted in collaboration with ELF that provides clues for the treatment of anxiety disorders, such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The study was published in Nature Chemical Biology on 11 May. Read more about it here. Make sure to keep an eye on our Portfolio page as we will update it regularly with news on our programmes.

If you are interested in collaborating to progress programmes like these, please get in touch with the ELF Programme Office at If you are interested in submitting a screening proposal in the field of CNS, Mental Health, or other disease areas such as cardiovascular diseases or oncology, please note that the next deadline for screening proposal submissions is Friday, 30 October. More information can be found on our website or provided by the ELF Programme Office at