What is the European Lead Factory?

The European Lead Factory is a collaborative public-private partnership aiming to deliver innovative drug discovery starting points. Having established the first European Compound Library and the first European Screening Centre, the EU Lead Factory gives free access to up to 500,000 novel compounds, a unique industry-standard uHTS platform, and much more.

The short animations below explain the concept of the European Lead Factory and why this is a must-have opportunity to boost your activities in drug discovery. Take your chance and collaborate with the European Lead Factory.

Programme overview (watch the animation)


Your target, your results

The EU Lead Factory is open to all defined molecular targets in all human disease areas. Any researcher from a European academic institution or small- and medium-sized enterprise can apply for screening of their potential drug target of interest.

Learn in the following animation, how you can benefit from the European Lead Factory resources to give your drug discovery research a flying start.

Target assays (watch the animation)


Novel and diverse compounds

Chemists in Europe were invited to submit their innovative ideas for novel compound libraries. The selected ones were able to see their molecules synthesized to industry standard and discovered the full potential of their scaffold. 

Sufficient library proposals have now been received to enable completion of the production of the Public Compound Collection in the closing stages of the consortium. The European Lead Factory thanks everybody for great contributions.

Chemical scaffold ideas (watch the animation)


Balanced rights & obligations

The last animation gives a layman’s explanation of the rights & obligations of a programme owner when joining the European Lead Factory.

Programme Owners' Rights & Obligations (watch the animation)